Swarada Chitale

Profile Pics- Team.002Committed to the conservation and management of the natural and built environment, Swarada studied Environmental Sciences, post which she pursued an MBA in Strategy and Marketing. Her diverse skill-set has enabled her to take on a variety of roles in her professional career.

Inspired by Al Gore’s global warming and climate change campaign, Swarada started her journey in the world of climate change mitigation consulting. She developed in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of environment and its management during her work across environmental consulting and the manufacturing sector.

Swarada believes that companies can achieve triple bottom line benefits via stakeholder focussed projects. She has developed and registered several wind energy projects under the Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS) mechanism and has designed and managed a premium Social Biogas Gold Standard CDM project known for its robust sustainable development benefits.

Her most challenging role was project managing the Solar City Master Plans of Amritsar, Ludhiana and Hubli-Dharwar Twin Cities, commissioned by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Development.

During her stint at Thermax Ltd, she registered CPA (CDM Programme of Activities) PDD’s for the World’s 1st Industrial Programmatic CDM Project – “Promotion of Biomass Based Heat Generation Systems in India”.

Through her work at Alstonia, Swarada wants to help organisations find their sustainability sweet spot to achieve a sustainable future.