A big vision, and the conviction to convert that vision into reality


In the last few decades, CSR has mostly been considered a peripheral process; trends-in-sustainability-leadershiptreated as charity or philanthropy, it is most often not linked with sustainable growth.

Our vision is a developed society in which sustainability is at the core off all processes, and businesses maximise profits by being socially responsible. Here, all stakeholders understand their role in an ecosystem, the responsibilities that come with it, and the benefits that come from it.

The name ‘Alstonia’ is inspired by Alstonia Scholaris or Saptaparni – the seven leafed tree. The number seven has been long considered to denote wholeness, perfection, and balance. Just as the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven notes of music and the seven chakras in the human body come together to form a complete whole, our seven offerings at Alstonia work towards a vision of holistic and inclusive development.