Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Through Employee Volunteering Program


What does EVP means?

Engagement is the state of emotional and intellectual commitment to an organization – the degree to which you have captured the hearts and minds of your employees.


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Volunteering is an important part of creating a healthy, motivated and engaged employee profile and its importance is only likely to increase as employees’ expectations of employers rise.

An Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) is defined as a planned, managed effort that seeks to motivate and enable employees to effectively serve community needs through the leadership of the employer. EVPs are typically one component of a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that addresses the company’s involvement in societal causes. Volunteering assignments are a highly cost effective method of achieving positive learning and development benefits.
Companies that are able to connect people to passions and interests where they feel they’re making a significant contribution as a human being, will see a direct correlation of this to company growth.

What we do?

The organization’s culture & vision, individual’s passion & purpose varies and thus, it is important customized employee volunteering program. We understand the importance and far reaching effects of volunteering on an individual, organization, nonprofits and the community, when they are structured systematically. We create a customized EVP based on the nature of the business and causes that employees are passionate about and skilled at.

We study the existing employee engagement framework of the organization and design an employee volunteering strategy & policy that fits within this framework. Based on the organization’s vision, employee interest a volunteering program with volunteering calendar and NGO partner is developed. It is important to collate and interpret employee feedback to understand the impact and measure the ROI of the Employee Volunteering Program. We create an employee volunteering toolkit and hand it over to the HR team for program execution.
The volunteering can be broadly categorized as Skill based, cause based, mentorship, disaster response, virtual, business connectors, etc. The framework of employee volunteering program will depend upon the your organization’s vision, products, employee skill sets & passion.

How it benefits you?
Engaged employees lead to happy customers, and happy customers lead to repeat business and a positive impact on the bottom-line.