Impact Assessment

Assessing the value creation potential of Sustainability and CSR programs is a crucial step in end-to-end implementation of projects. As an independent third party organization, you can rely on us to assess your Sustainability and CSR programs.

We offer detailed assessments to evaluate the impact of Sustainability and CSR activity on business, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Our methodology is customized according the to the project objectives and can include – from baseline surveys, control group comparisons etc.

We use scientifically approved primary and secondary data collection tools

The actual tools and methodologies used for the impact assessment will depend upon the nature and objectives of your project.

How will Impact assessment benefit you?

  • Validate that Sustainability and CSR programs meet their intended purpose and objectives.
  • Improve effectiveness of Sustainability and CSR projects through structured, value-added assessment and feedback mechanisms…
  • Increase asset values through comprehensive Sustainability and CSR reporting.
  • Fulfill Sustainability and CSR project stakeholder expectations and ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2013.