Project Implementation

What does Project Implementation means?

Project Implementation refers to the day-to-day decisions, processes, practices and activities that ensure the company meets the spirit and letter of its CSR commitments and thereby carries out its CSR strategy. If CSR commitments can be called “talking the talk,” then implementation is “walking the walk.”

The CSR & sustainability strategy and findings of baseline assessment feeds into the designing of project implementation plan. The project implementation plan helps identify resources, allot budgets and defines responsibility of the teams. The key to a successful implementation is according to Raps (2005) an integrated view of the implementation process. It is also important to understand that a successful CSR implementation is a long-term process that requires creativity and careful planning. (Milliman, Ferguson & Sylvester, 2008)

What we do?
For CSR & Sustainability project implémentation, there is no formula of “one-size-fits-all” method, every firm has its exclusive attributes and circumstances that affects the company. There is a significant value in implementing CSR in a systematic way, in agreement with the firm’s core values, business culture, environment and main business activities. We understand this and approach the project implementation with integrate point of view wherein we;

  • Prepare an implementation roadmap and define budgets
  • Identify and finalize the implementation partner/s
  • Ensure the project success by sensitizing the implementation partners on project objectives, input, output and expected impact
  • Define the framework for monitoring and reporting of the program
  • Write periodic reports for the companies

The project implementation plan aims for collaborative approach emphasizing on inclusivity and team work. The framework for project implementation will depend upon the nature and objectives of your Sustainability & CSR project.

How it benefits you?

  • Designing and executing project implementation in alignment with the roadmap developed helps companies achieve their defined CSR & Sustainability goals successfully.
  • Help companies comply with the rules in most efficient manner
  • Help define clear goals, instruments and guidelines in the planning part of the CSR & Sustainability program.