Strategy & Governance

CSR and Sustainability Strategy
Brainstorm session
Your Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business journey starts with this session. Get a clear perspective on the Sustainability and CSR issues that affect your company in a brainstorming session with our Sustainability and CSR strategy consulting team. We begin by presenting our view on Sustainability and CSR in the geographies and sectors in which you operate, discuss the potential business implications to your team, and identify a clear, actionable way forward for your organization.

Materiality Assessment

We help you identify the key Sustainability and CSR business issues that are unique for your organization. We provide customized solutions that focus on the triple bottom-line impacts for your organization.
Materiality assessment can help you build your Sustainability and CSR strategy that is fully compliant with GRI’s G4 guidelines that are recognized worldwide.

Sustainability and CSR Strategy formulation

We start with integrating Sustainability in your Business Strategy and help you develop a customized roadmap for your organization, which will maximize the business value of your Sustainability and CSR initiatives.
We conduct detailed benchmarking assessment to determine gaps gap and assess your performance with those of industry specific best practices and your competitors.
We then involve relevant stakeholders in the development of a Sustainability and CSR business related vision and mission statement, before identifying appropriate KPIs and goals. Finally, we guide your team to develop a customized action plan and roadmap.

Value of your Sustainable and Responsible Business

How do you measure the worth of your sustainable and responsible business initiatives? Performance measurement helps you improve and report your efforts to your stakeholders. We help you measure where sustainability and responsible business practices are adding value to your business.

Brand Reputation
Sustainability and CSR are no longer mere buzzwords but have created impacts and helped in brand recognition for several world leading organizations. We can help you boost your sustainable and responsible business brand reputation for your stakeholders.