Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability and Responsible business reporting is one of the most powerful tool available for organizations that are committed to the sustainability and responsible business agenda to win over stakeholders. Communicating the initiative to potential investors, lenders, rating and grading agencies and others – in addition to Government and NGOs – why the agenda is important and how it enriches the company’s bottom line.

Based on the Strategic plan, roadmap and action plan results we help you collect the data and compile the relevant reports that will quantify the impacts that you’re sustainable and responsible business initiatives are making. We can identify where your business is bringing new value and help you communicate it to your stakeholders via GRI G4 reports.

Our GRI G4 certified sustainability experts use an efficient and proven method of reporting and strictly adhere to GRI G4 guidelines and methodology.
We will introduce GRI G4 requirements to your organization, including an overview of reporting options, required disclosures, and other key principles.  We also support your communications department in maximizing the exposure and benefits of your reporting activity.

How will our Sustainability reporting services benefit you?

Promotes Efficiency

Your organization can respond to all queries about performance with help of a single, consolidated, detailed single report that is in accordance with globally accepted GRI G4 guidelines

Build relationship with stakeholders

Your organization can work together on any feedback received from stakeholders and build better relationships by addressing concern. Your organization can derive considerable benefit in the feedback they receive from stakeholders about their reports. Such follow-up can produce invaluable perspective on how stakeholders see a company and how it might build on its competitive advantages.

Brand Value

Worldwide brands have significantly gained a better brand recognition and reputation by communicating their sustainable and responsible business initiatives. We help you improve your brand reputation by reporting sustainability in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines.