Rupali Patil

Profile Pics- Team.003A Biotechnologist and Natural Resources Expert, Rupali is a curious individual who loves working on hypotheses. She has in-depth knowledge of social program management- from needs identification and evaluation, strategy & governance and pre- funding appraisal to project design, implementation, capacity building, outcome assessment and reporting.

During her internship at the National Innovation Foundation, Rupali studied their innovation model, benefits of IP tools and ways of protecting the interests of grassroots innovators. This sparked in her an interest to work on innovative livelihood models that empower people to work with existing resources.

At the Hitech Group, Rupali started her journey towards her goal of developing  a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders.  She managed various research projects on livelihood opportunities with region specific resources for marginalized Indians through vocational and skills development, skill demand in different sectors, skill mapping and migration patterns. She successfully established a skill development program for the hospitality and retail sectors and helped standardise a European funded, vocational training program for the NonProfit SEWA.

During her stint at The Nielsen Company, Rupali managed employee engagement and market research projects for various industries. She worked on a ‘Management, Organisation & Innovation Survey – A joint venture project conducted between the London School of Economics, World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This helped her get an in-depth understanding on management practices for small scale industries in India.

Rupali believes in harmonious co-existence and understands the value that each stakeholder brings to an ecosystem. Through Alstonia, she aspires to bring together different stakeholders to collectively work towards a sustainable future.