Our Quality

Leveraging the extended and successful experience of the ceramic industry.

The company has been the example of great quality. Quality in terms of Employees and People. Quality in terms of raw material and products. Quality in terms of Systems, processes and Policies.

Alstonia Ceramica has built a reputation for delivering high-end products. A systematic and comprehensive Quality Management System compatible with global standards.With the responsibility of every employee to implement and adhere to stringent quality policy, the products manufactured go through stringent quality checks.

We strive to uphold quality at every stage to forge enduring relationships with our principals-customers, suppliers, distributors and resources partners.The QMS is reviewed at periodic intervals to check its effectiveness. The cutting edge technology at our disposal helps achieve excellence in quality.

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Quality & Sustainability

Saving Energy and Recycling for Responsible Growth

Alstonia Ceramica has a quality and innovation unit that comprises quality inspectors and skilled professionals. This unit continually ensures each turnout sanitary ware and bathroom fittings and accessories product of the export and import production and distribution processes strictly put up the mandatory superiority, safety, and ecological guidelines. The global sanitary ware and bathroom fittings and accessories manufacturing market and quality standards set laws and norms. Every sanitary ware and bathroom fittings and accessories product meets the international authorized quality and is marked by ISO and CE certifications such as 9001:2015.

This completely voluntary certified process standard bears witness to the company’s commitment to implementing its Environmental Management System.