Needs Assessment

What is Need Assessment & Baseline Study?

A need assessment is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions or “wants”. A baseline refers to measurements of key conditions (indicators) before a project begins, from which change and progress can be assessed. The baseline study is done to determine baseline indicators.

A needs assessment is different from a baseline study. A needs assessment identifies needs, and informs whether and how to intervene (the project design); A baseline study measures specific conditions after a project has been designed, based on the indicators (e.g. in the logframe). Data from needs assessments may be used in a baseline study, but only if it reliably captures the relevant conditions.

Need assessment / Baseline Study occurs in decision and design stages and serves as an input for Monitoring & Evaluation purposes.

What we do?
We conduct an in-depth assessment of the needs and problems of the identified geography and the community. By clearly identifying the problem, the appropriate interventions or solutions are defined and appropriate resources are directed for the successful implementation of these solutions / programs.
We define methodology based on the purpose and scope of the project. The methodology developed includes four phases; planning & organizing, data collection, summarizing & dissemination of results and action planning. Based on the methodology designed for data collection, management and analysis, the resource planning & capacity building is done. The baseline study and needs Assessment exercise uses several data Collection procedures using both quantitative & qualitative methods. The tools used can include In-depth Interviews, Focused Group Discussions, Survey Questionnaires ,SWOT Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis etc.

How Need Assessment & Baseline Study benefits you

  • Serves as benchmark for all future activities and can be referred to for making decisions related to Sustainability & CSR project management and adjust project implementation to best serve people in need
  • Helps assess measurability of the indicator defined for Sustainability & CSR projects & fine tune them for future measurements and evaluate project success
  • Ensures accountability and supports impact assessment to compare and measure the difference Sustainability & CSR project is making
  • Helps save time & other resources for designing Monitoring & Evaluation plan for Sustainability & CSR project
  • Increases community engagement & buy-in for Sustainability & CSR project as the study acts as catalysts for discussion among community members & project partners
  • Shape expectations and communication strategies by assisting, by sharpening communication objectives, and focusing content of media materials